The Bathroom

While doing the bathroom renos, Iain felt so bad. He didn't want to tear out the walls because of the age and history behind them. He took some pictures and then set to work. We realized that it would be a lot cheaper if we did most of the demo ourselves. For a week we … Continue reading The Bathroom


The Upstairs, Finally

+++++EDIT++++ I have no idea where my post went. People were commenting on it and then BAM, gone ++++++     Just as I was going to tidy up and take pictures of the upstairs, Iain started destroying the bathroom. That is why this post is so delayed. I'm really proud of Iain. He did … Continue reading The Upstairs, Finally

My #hashtags

After a conversation with a family member, I thought I would put my answer here as well. I was asked, "why do you hashtag "special needs" and " ADHD" in your Instagram posts?" My answer is simple. Community. When I use my hashtags, I get "liked" and comments from other moms. This gives me a … Continue reading My #hashtags