House Tour- Part 3

Here we are on to part 3 already. When I started this little series, I didn't think it would take this many posts just to do downstairs. Iain has been watching DIY videos on Youtube and I think we came to an agreement for what type of flooring we want downstairs. It will also match … Continue reading House Tour- Part 3


House Tour Part 2

Now onto the room that gets the most use. I'm hardly upstairs anymore. We have a dual zone thermastat, and to keep heating costs down, we turn the thermastat down once we are up and ready. So during the day if I am not at work, I'm sitting at the kitchen table. Here is the … Continue reading House Tour Part 2

My #hashtags

After a conversation with a family member, I thought I would put my answer here as well. I was asked, "why do you hashtag "special needs" and " ADHD" in your Instagram posts?" My answer is simple. Community. When I use my hashtags, I get "liked" and comments from other moms. This gives me a … Continue reading My #hashtags