The Bathroom

While doing the bathroom renos, Iain felt so bad. He didn’t want to tear out the walls because of the age and history behind them. He took some pictures and then set to work. We realized that it would be a lot cheaper if we did most of the demo ourselves. For a week we had to stay with mom and dad because of all the dust and soot that came down with the ceiling and walls. Even set the alarm system off, which I was at work so the fire station showed up and yeah…the guys laughed it off.

The good thing about Fluent  is we were able to call them after that and say hey between this time and this time can you shut the alarm off so we don’t keep getting false alarms.

Anyways, onto the results.

So some demo pictures.

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We moved the toilet around because when you sit down your knees hit the tub. Also, we realized that there was nothing holding up the bathroom. Chris built a support wall to hold it up. The “insulation” was packing peanuts.  We also got our first look into the attic. Eventually, this will be our master suite.

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Chris put up mold resistant gyprock. Iain installed the lights, vent and attic hatch. To finish the vent for outside we needed an attic ladder. We have a tiny car, so our Chief allowed us to use the fire truck to bring the ladder to the house.

It feels wonderful having at least one room that is up to code. Chris did a wonderful job. He keeps eyeing up the kitchen when he comes for a visit so it won’t be long before we start tearing that apart.


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I love the lighting and my mirror and everything. The boys did a wonderful job. Can’t wait for the next project, which is the hallway upstairs.

Look forward to the renos!


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