House Tour- Part 3

Here we are on to part 3 already. When I started this little series, I didn’t think it would take this many posts just to do downstairs.

Iain has been watching DIY videos on Youtube and I think we came to an agreement for what type of flooring we want downstairs. It will also match what is in the Games room and livingroom. It’s apparently a surprise so I will update that part later.

First off, I’ll take you into the Games Room. This is where we spend most nights when Josh is in bed. Since he smashed his tv, we let him in for an hour to watch “Ryan”. He loves watching Ryan’s Toy Reviews on Youtube. For a small room, it sure holds its heat. We turn the thermostat down downstairs around 830-9pm. With the room being so small, and because the computer is up against the heaters, I love hanging in here before bed. (or when writing blog posts before bed)


The flooring was carpet that was glued to this beautiful floor. Iain stripped and sanded it and then varnished it. I love that it’s a darker colored varnish. The walls and curtains we wanted to be dark so that it would bring the T.V. out more. Eventually, Iain will be building a shelf to put the printer in.

Buying a house in September was great, we got to take advantage of some great sales. The sofa is the same as the set in the livingroom even though we bought it separately. We were so excited to go back to the furniture store and see the same salesman, and he showed us this beauty. With all the systems in here and radios, there’s a lot of remotes. They are all housed in the center console.

We did have the bookshelf up in our room but it was a different brown than the rest of the furniture so we moved it down here. Now we have a spot for extra storage and to store all our video games.

The shag rug/carpet we got from Wal-Mart. I told Iain that we put all kinds of decor and things on clearance so on my lunch we got that and the drapes. The drapes were $3 dollars each! I love clearance….it’s my kryptonite.

The only thing in here we plan on changing is the windows and the ceiling. Like I said in another post, the tiles are stapled up there.



Stepping out of the kitchen we have this big empty hallway. I’m not sure what to do with it. The little corner there will be a reading/homework nook for Josh. He loves reading so Pinterest will be helping me make a place just for him. These floors and ceilings will be getting replaced as well. My China cabinet was kindly given to me by some members at church. Inside I have a Fire Fighting certificate for Iain and some pottery I got when I lived in Korea. Please ignore the random Xbox on top. I haven’t gotten around to putting that in storage.


Here is the livingroom. This room is finished but for windows and ceiling. I wanted this to be a “sitting/reading” room. Earlier tonight I was in here reading a book relaxing on the lazy boy. Iain worked hard on this floor as well. He did this room first and so the Games room didn’t take as long to do because he perfected his technique.

This was one big open area at one point. We had a wall put up and made it into the Games Room and Livingroom you see here. On a Pinterest search I fell in love with this color. During the day the sun hits it and lights it up so well.

The only pictures we have up so far are Joshua’s school picture and this lovely picture of the Saviour that was given to us. Although opposite these photos is Iain’s fire fighter of the year plaque. He’s very proud of that.


The Sunroom is the last room on this floor. We turned it into a playroom for Josh. However, it’s Canada and winter. He doesn’t play in there right now. When we renovate the bathroom, we plan on taking one of the heaters up there and putting it in here. The windows need replacing but it’s nice and cozy in here….when it’s warm.


So that’s it. The bottom floor. Next I’ll take you upstairs.



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