House Tour Part 2

Now onto the room that gets the most use. I’m hardly upstairs anymore. We have a dual zone thermastat, and to keep heating costs down, we turn the thermastat down once we are up and ready. So during the day if I am not at work, I’m sitting at the kitchen table.

Here is the kitchen before we got our hands on it. We were given the fridge but it died on us after 2 weeks of owning it. My brother came for a visit and fixed our window. You could actually stick your whole hand between the panes of glass! No wonder you could feel the wind. We also used some blown insulation to fill in all the cracks around the window. Now the curtains don’t even move.


Our Kitchen

Its wonderful what a coat of paint does. This one is called “misty meadow”. I like it. Again we painted the radiators. I have my spices and knives in the corner. Oddly enough, Josh won’t go near that section. He will however climb up on the counter and grab his “gummies”. Yes, my kid likes to take years off my life. My uncle and I cleaned on top of the cupboards. At one point, we even had a vacuum going along there.

My plans are to seasonally decorate up there. When we have the time and money of course. Our dishwasher was where the fridge was, however our friend who is also our contractor, put it under our cabinetry.


Again, didn’t bother with the floor yet. The ceiling fan is half down. I just noticed its not complete. Need to ask Iain why later. (It’s his turn putting Josh to bed)

Chris put doors up for us as well. In the UK every doorway usually has a door. This so far has cut our heating down. Especially at night when Josh is in bed, we turn the heat downstairs down a lot and the Games room stays very warm. That’s the door with the awesome Habs plaque. We will get to that. Mom gave us her old table so I have a little piece of home with me in my new home.


The little bugger just figured out how to open the kitchen door when it’s locked so Iain had to put a lock higher up. Usually, if it was quiet, you could guarantee to walk in and find Josh pigging out on snacks.

We had a few microwaves catch on fire. I know, house with two firefighters and this happens. Josh has a tendency to try to “cook”. Chris was nice enough to take out a cabinet we weren’t using and put our microwave on this shelf he build. I do need to buy an extractor fan for above the stove as well. You can also see my Keurig station and also the Alarm panel. Chris would like to eventually build me a pantry to go on this wall. I told him to “give er”.

20180204_204135.jpgThis here is where I plan on making a “command center” for the family. Of course its really because I was sick of Iain always asking me when I was working next. This was my answer. I have it all color coordinated and stuff. It’s served us well.


So that was part two. As always please leave some comments down below. I love hearing from you all.

Keep smiling,



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