House Tour Part 1

Nothing like going to take pictures and realizing your house is a mess. I started cleaning in the mudroom which led into the kitchen. As it was pushing midnight I had to stop. At least two rooms are gutted and cleaned. I guess I’ll count it as Spring cleaning.

Here is the mudroom before Iain and I put our own touches on it.

Here it is now…

We still have the original floor because honestly, it’s not high on the priority list to change it. What we did first was clean out the space. We put in a new dryer vent, one with an animal trap so critters won’t get it. Then we cleaned out the cupboards.

We wanted firefighter red for obvious reasons so we asked the great guys at Kent to help us. These cabinets are going to be split, left side for a pantry style storage space and the right side for tools Iain uses regularly so he doesn’t have to run to the garage all the time.

We painted the radiators because they were yellow. The previous owner was a heavy smoker. As I have Asthma, we needed everything cleaned out.

You can’t really see it, but there’s a white box looking object on the door. Thanks to our friend David who works with Fluent, our home is secure. When you have a child who is a major flight risk, it’s a great peace of mind. We had a lock hanging around the tool box so Iain added that as well.

Under all the jackets on the left is a hanging organizer ( I’ll eventually take a picture of it) I stuffed that with sunglasses, my heels and some gloves.

Right hand side, we have Josh’s station. Got to give him independence. So we have a coat rack at his height and a spot for his footwear.

Eventually we will tear up this floor, put in a new window and a new door.

The next post should be later in the week. We will be going to the kitchen.

Have any suggestions for our rooms? Leave me a comment or email. I’d love to here from you

Keep smiling!


2 thoughts on “House Tour Part 1

  1. Georgina Betts says:

    I wonder at your stamina, Rosanna, you never stop. So much work making someone else’s property into your own but you and Iain are doing a wonderful job!

    Liked by 1 person

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