New Beginnings

Happy New Year Whimsies!

What a whirl wind the end of the year was. We bought a house, paid off the car, and finally got Josh situated in school. Still don’t have an official diagnosis but we are getting there.

As the second term starts tomorrow, Josh is really doing great. I only had one call from the principle about his behavior. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t get detention or sent to the office. The vice-principle does a program with Josh. If he has a good morning and afternoon, before he gets on the bus, she gives him “treasure”. The staff at the elementary are so supportive, it is such a relief. I just have to fight for a TA for next year now.

Josh can write and spell his name. This is a big deal since the psychologist told me he wouldn’t be able to until he was at least 12. He can recognize all his letters and has difficulty saying some sounds. The speech therapist for the school district is working with him on that. All in all, I am so proud of my boy. Who’s favorite subject is maths….unlike his mama.

Another big change…our own home. We were able to purchase a 3 bedroom home not far from my parents and we are still able to be at the fire station. Unfortunately our garage went up in flames 4 days after we bought it. I am so happy I had everything insured. The new garage is done and it is so nice not having to clear the car off when I want to go somewhere.

I plan on doing a little series of all the changes we have done so far in our home. I hope you will all stick around.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.




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