My #hashtags

After a conversation with a family member, I thought I would put my answer here as well.

I was asked, “why do you hashtag “special needs” and ” ADHD” in your Instagram posts?”

My answer is simple. Community.

When I use my hashtags, I get “liked” and comments from other moms. This gives me a sense of belonging and knowing I am not the only one going through this. On my darkest, stressful days. I really need to look at my friends posts and see this. Likewise, on my good days, I love throwing out encouragements as well for any victories our children or siblings are having. 

So I will continue to use these hashtags and no I am not “promoting” Joshua’s “disabilities. I am promoting his abilities to survive in this world, where people love to stop and stare at the things he does or says. 

He is my son and I am proud of him and the progress we have seen in the last few months.

Rant Over


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