Plan With Me: March

Good Morning Everyone,

By the look of the weather, I would say Winter is staying for a while yet. I am a little late getting this post out there, so I did not include my March Budget, since I started using it already. Speaking of budgets, you all need to check out Everydollar. The app is amazing! It’s from the awesome Dave Ramsey.

Anyway, let’s get going shall we?

I am still loving this type of Monthly. Very symplistic. I usually don’t do a lot of color, but it being March, green everywhere!


March Monthly

Went back to my original habit tracker this month. I am starting to track my meals because I really suck at eating, even with my alarms.


Habit tracker for March

I usually don’t do a gratitude page because it hasn’t worked out in the past. Since I am not artistic, I thought I would work on lettering for my gratitude page. So here you can see the first 3 days of March.



After this, I have my weeklies which I have kept the same. Keep looking here for a new post I will be doing on self-care and the bullet journal.

How are you tracking items in March?

Keep smiling,




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