Happy Heritage Day!

Here in Nova Scotia, it is Nova Scotia Heritage Day. Each year we celebrate the life and accomplishments of a Canadian. This year, we celebrate the Mikmaq community.

Since it is a statutory holiday, Iain and I were off today. It was nice and relaxing. Also, with the publishing of this post, I will only have one open task left for the day. Go me!

What we did today:

  • Josh woke us up promptly at 4:40am.
  • Watched some T.V.
  • Took mom’s car out for a drive along the coast. (our car is still broke)
  • Ordered part for car ( I get my car back March 3rd)
  • Eating mom’s meatloaf
  • Fire training. (ugh knots)

All in all, relaxing day. I may even paint my nails tonight. (when I say “I”, it’s really Iain.)

Even though this is not much of a post, I promised myself that no matter what, I will post twice a week.

If you have any suggestions on some Blog Post Topics, let me know in the comments.

Have a great day everyone!

Keep Smiling,



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