Hey There Whimsies,

Hope the Weekend treated you well. We in Atlantic Canada are bracing for a huge storm. It is predicted that we will be getting an estimated 62CM!!!

Anyway, update time.

Joshua finally had his appointment at the IWK, our local children’s hospital. It went so good. We got answers, I spent the night on Pinterest trying to find some tips. Now I can get down to business preparing him for school in September. My baby boy is going to school and I am totally freaking out. I am so not ready to let him go. I will be chasing the bus, crying.

So, along with all this new information and planning for more ridgid routines, I will of course, turn to my bullet journal. I will be making some new spreads on some things for Josh. When I have those done, I will make a post.

It is so good to have answers. For the longest time, I thought I was a horrible mother and that it was in my head that something was just not right with my child. The doctors around here have all said nothing was wrong. It took a 3 hour session with a Psychologist to prove that wrong. She turned to me and asked how I wasn’t her patient. Dealing with Josh for only 3 hours stressed her out. Before we left, she wanted to impress upon me the need for me to get away and just have a “Rosanna day”. In a parenting class I am taking for behaviour issues for Josh, my coach also makes sure that I spend time on myself as I am the primary caregiver since my husband works during the day.

Mondays and Fridays, Josh is in daycare so those are my “Self-care” days. I am so thankful for my family and the specialists that are now helping us with Josh. He is my cheeky monkey. I love him no matter what, and now, I can start on the path to understanding him better.

Do you care for or are someone with Special Needs or are Differently Abled?

Keep smiling,







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