5 types of Mood Trackers

There are many ways to track your moods, whether it be in a journal or on a digital app. In my Bullet Journal system, I have done my first spread for my moods. You can see it here. While searching Pinterest and also Instagram, I found a few types of layouts and would love to share here for anyone wanting to try one out.

  1. This one seems to be a popular layout. One which myself has used. This particular one is by @subtlescripts You put boxes for each day of the month and for each month of the year. Then add in some emotions. Some people only put 4-5 emotions, other’s put 2-3 emotions for each color. It is all up to you.



  1. This one I found on Pinterest. I couldn’t find the owner’s name so if you are reading this or know who it is please let me know so I can properly credit them. So what they did was just make a graph style. I tried doing this once and I was getting upset with how “uppy-downy” my graph was. Hence why I changed to the tracker from up above. You can again, change this to fit yourself. You can have as many moods as you want or as little. efd402686fc6149951555144d0161caf


  1.  @sincerelyhuman was searching online for a tracker and didn’t find one that suited her needs so she made this handy dandy. It incorporates the habit tracker as well because as we all know, habits and moods go hand and hand. e6aeec8d416c32013762d2f3c1c18cd8


  1. This next one is super popular right now. Especially since Boho Berry has started using it. This is a “Mood Mandalla”. It was created by @bujo.mama. So each day of the month is a circle. Kara has just made a video over on her Youtube channel about it. I will link that here.3bf684743b78e196434d13f5d77b2d39


  1. I love this one because of the simplistic nature of it. It of course falls the theme of “Inside Out”. Same thing though, a circle for each day of the month. e7d846333aa096a2c13ba76964273f3b


There we go. 5 different ways to track your moods.

How do you track your moods?

Keep smiling,



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