Plan With Me: February

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Hello my Whimsies,

What is this? A new blog post! Well yes here it is. I am so sorry for the delay. I can make so many excuses but mainly….I felt overwhelmed. I felt I wasn’t getting anything out of my blog and it became a chore. So I stopped, regrouped, researched and I AM BACK!

It is now almost the end of January and I just finished my tests for my Level 1 FireFighters course so I thought I would start this up again. So onto the post!


I was bored on my 15 minute break and did my “Hello February” page. It is simple and pretty. My goal this year is to try being a bit more minimalist. I plan on encorporating this into my Bullet Journal as well.  I have yet to input my shopping and housework but for now this is my new “weekly” spread. I seem to change my spreads from week to week. Still trying to find one that is “me”. That is the beauty of the Bullet Journal. Next, we have my Monthly spread. Again, very minimalist for me. I love colors, don’t get me wrong, but I really am enjoying my blacks and greys lately. The next one is one that is quite new for me. Usually, I have a page called “habit tracker”. I thought I would change it to this this month. Again, I am still trying to figure out what I like.


I have been seeing different mood trackers lately. I usually track it in my phone, however, this month, I thought I would try this out. Iain lovingly calls me his Rollercoaster because I can seriously go through all of my list here in one day. This is the downside to Depression and Social Anxiety Disorder. I want to try to pick up some more followers on my blog and to, you know, post. Therefore I made a two page spread that will log some analitics and social media posting times. I have our families budget as well. We are hopefully able to buy a house in a few months. A FEW MONTHS! I am a little excited….only a little though. Of course, with saving, we have to buckle down and stop unneccessary spending. Enter “The Expense Tracker”.

What do your new month preparations look like?

Do you use paper or digital?

Keep it locked on to this space for better (hopefully) timed updates on my family and bullet journaling.

Keep Smiling,



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