When Life Gives You Lemons…

Hey there Whimsies!

Yes, I know, shocker, it’s a new blog post. Sorry it has been so long. Life has thrown the Fam-Jam a couple of curve balls. We are currently in the “squeezing out the lemons” part of that curve ball. Hopefully in February we will be sitting around enjoying some lemonade.  So now let’s get you all updated and stop with the lemonade talking.

I was voted in as a full member of the Fire Hall. I am no longer a probationary firefighter. I have also just started my Level 1 Firefighter course. My first exam is in January. I have set up a study bullet journal in my black Leuchtturm 1917 and I do plan on doing a post about that in the coming weeks. Also in firefighting news, Iain, my handsome husband was voted to be our Truck Lieutenant last night. Go Iain!


I asked him to smile and this is what I got.

On the family front, we are still saving for a home. We found a lovely house we wish to purchase but due to unforseen circumstances, we have to hold off for another 6 months. Iain, ever the positive one in this family, says at least in 6 months we will have enough that we don’t have to borrow anything for a down-payment. I swear, if the guy was anymore laid back he would be falling. It keeps me sane though.

Now for a Joshua update. After waiting 18 long months, we got our call for the IWK. We go in February to have a Pre-School Special Needs Assessment done. We are utilizing PECS right now to keep him on track with routines. Tonight was the first time he got ready for bed with little to no help. His Early Interventionist made some posters that we seen on Pinterest. He loves closing the “doors”. It is how we managed to get everything checked off in the to-do list today. Tomorrow is going to be high stressed with him though. He is going for a check-up at the dentist.

I forgot to also mention. Iain started a brand new job. He now delivers for National Brands. He loves it, which is great. So I am going to end this post here because I am getting “the eye” for typing. He has to get up early to head to Arichat.

Keep Smiling



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