My Monthly Challenges

November. It’s that time to do the final push to get all your goals completed before the new year. I seen my friend’s bullet journal spread for all her challenges this month and figured, why not. By the way, go follow her at CeeCee Journals. I am just starting out with my Yoga adventures and it’s nice to drop her a line and get some advice. That and she’s from the same Island as me.

Every month, one of the ladies over at Bullet Journal Junkies on Facebook makes a huge compilation of monthly challenges. I went through them all and have chosen a few of them and here they are.

  1. 14713749_699793900178793_4057377671654346254_n

One of my 17 before 2017 goals was to have a new hobby. The hobby I chose is kind of double. I want to start brush lettering and so I chose this one here. Also, because I love Harry Potter. So it works. There are so many lettering challenges out there. A search on Pinterest brings up so many and also so many tutorials. It is grand.

2. 14702398_699796213511895_5319832992190361438_n

This one is self explanatory. Take a selfie everyday with the item/task listed. Day 1 was easy because I always start my day with a hot beverage. I am trying to pick my self-esteem back up and well, shoving a camera in your face everyday seems to be the thing to try.

3. 20161101_193829.jpg

I am really excited for the Bujo Fitness Challenge. I kept seeing CeeCee posting about it and now I will try it. Since I didn’t do October with it I can’t do Day 9.

4. 20161101_193905.jpg

This is 30 days of self-care and love. The one crossed out is “New”. I cross them out when I do it and put an “X” through the number when I miss it. I love anything to do with self-love and self-care. Which goes perfect for me and my goals.

Some other challenges this month I’m doing are my Miracle Morning, 30 Days of Yoga and The Best Month Ever Challenge. I love the first and last one. They are from the same guy, Hal Elrod. So todays was spending 30 minutes doing something we want to work on this month. Mine being fitness, I woke up early and went for a lovely power walk. I am feeling under the weather today but I still managed to get out. I am super proud of myself. I also found in my Yoga app, Track Yoga, a cold/flu yoga. It was 20 minutes of easy stretches and then some meditation.

Tomorrow I will wake up earlier than today because I felt rushed. I had to be home by 545am so Iain could go to work. So if I wake up at 4:38am instead of 4:58am I think I can accomplish my fitness goal for the day. Also, notice the times. I read somewhere (can’t remember where) that if you set your alarms to times like this or even say 4:49 it helps the brain wake up faster. Not sure if it’s a proven fact but I’m going with it.

What challenges are you all doing this month?

Keep Smiling



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