The Great Debate: Weeklies or Dailies

So when I started Bullet Journaling, I had trouble figuring out what one to use. I felt that what I was putting in my weeklies was what I was putting in my dailies. Then I changed how I used my weeklies. I am one of those few who actually use weeklies and dailies.

My weeklies include my work schedule and Joshua’s appointments. Also included are:

  • Sleep Tracker
  • Blog tasks
  • Tarot card readings
  • To Buy
  • Menu Plan


I was finding that without a weekly view I was finding it hard to keep track of my work schedule. I do get called into work for extra shifts at least once a week.

My dailies I am experimenting with for the month of October. I am seeing how I do with full page dailies. This way I can get everything I need onto the page and also add quotes. So with that being said, my dailies include

  • Time tracker- So much easier to plan my day with this
  • The weather- also for planning purposes (can’t plan to puddle jump if it’s not raining)
  • Steps- I have two step goals. On days I work it is 20000. Days that I am off it is 10000.
  • Instagram- I set a goal back at the first of the month to do at least 3 Instagram posts a day.
  • Exercise- I am horrible with this tracker. However, I try really hard to fill it in.
  • To Read- With my sad excuse of a book drawing, I mark down some reading goals.
  • Quote- For my new Dailies set up I mark a quote down. It usually will correspond to the Tarot card I drew that morning.


So that’s that. Now if you are new to Bullet Journaling, you do not have to do both. Can not stress that enough. Do what best suits you and your lifestyle.

How do you keep track of your tasks? Are you a daily or weekly user?

Keep Smiling Whimsies!




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