Time Trackers

Hey there my Whimsies. Sorry it has been a while. I just got my power on. We were hit by the tail end of hurricain Matthew. Half of Sydney is underwater.

So just a small post for today. My friend recently got into Bullet Journalling and she wanted to know what the numbers were on the side of my dailies. These here are my time trackers.

I like to keep track of what I do in a day. Mostly to prove to myself that I don’t just laze about. This week there isn’t much to track because I am on vacation and Josh has no therapy sessions.

I color code my tracker as follows:

There are many ways to do the trackers. You can do from when you wake up to go to bed. You can have them horizontal or vertical. They can be 24 hour or 12 hour.

This is how I was doing my tracker:

Old time tracker

And then I changed up my dailies to be a full page. This way I can get more things onto it:

I track from 1am until 12am. It lets me have a visual of my day that my dailies and weeklies can’t.

I know this is a short post but hopefully Friday’s will be a bit better.

Keep Smiling


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