Bullet Journal Supplies

Hello Whimsies,

I hope your weekend was awesome. We are experiencing some warmer than normal weather which is awesome. Sort of….because, fruit flies!

Today’s post is another Bullet Journal one. I wanted to show you all my bullet journal supplies. I love stationary. I even volunteer at work to put it away. Now clicking on these links are cool. They are not affiliate links so no problem there. So here we go!

  1. My Journal

My first Bullet Journal was just a random notebook from my local Dollarama. I didn’t know if I would like Bullet Journaling so I didn’t want to use something too expensive. My second journal is a Leuchtturm 1917. I got it for Mother’s day from Goulet Pens. I also found out that my local Indigo Bookstore now carries the Leuchtturm. I love my dotted notebook because no rulers are needed. Well, I don’t need one.

  1. Fountain Pen

Along with my Leuchtturm I got a PILOT METROPOLITAN. I love this pen. It came with 6 cartridges and also a demo ink. The pen itself came with one black cartridge. As a little tip when shopping, Goulet Pens offers a bullet journal starter pack. They throw in a hand written note and a lollipop.

  1. Post-it Notes

I use my post-its to mark the pages for things I turn to a lot. I have one for each month so I can easily flip to them. The only other page marker I have is for my grocery list. I got the idea from Little Coffee Fox. Why write it out all the time? I just put a post it next to each thing in my list and remove it when I buy it. Easy- Peesy.

  1. Fine Liner

When drawing my lines out for my many spreads, I use my Faber Castell pen. I use the ‘F’ size. I just found a set as well in the bookstore of colored inked ones. It is on my birthday list.

  1. Colors

To add some jazz to everything I use my Sharpie Pens (Fine Point). My weeklies are always done in these pens. They are easier to use to draw lines. I also love that they don’t coat the side of my hand with ink. They rarely smudge.

  1. Color Coding

I color code in my journal. Makes life easier. Especially when I am using my time line. To do this, I use Staedtler Triplus Fineliners. They do ghost a little on my pages but they don’t bleed which makes me happy. I got mine on sale at Walmart.

  1. Washi Tape

I hardly use it, but when I do it is to stick something in my journal. In my first journal, I was using it to separate days. You can get Washi absolutely everywhere. A colleague who just got into bullet journalling messaged me last night excited that she found some cheap ones at work. I have even used some from the Dollarama.


So there you are. My supplies, to which you in no way need to use. Like I said before, all you need to bullet journal is a notebook and a pen. I just like colors.

What do you all use to keep track of your days?

Keep smiling all,



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