Run. Fight. Hide

Today in the lunch room I was trying to explain L.A.R.P to my collegues. It didn’t go over too well. Hopefully I do a better job here and you all don’t think I need to be medicated.

LARP= Live Action Role Play

This is my Einher character. His name is Haiel

For any of you that have played Magic or Dungeons and Dragons, it’s like that, only I live it. We have people called “Shapers” who are basically the Dungeon Masters. They tell us how things unfold and what we should be feeling when we just don’t know what to feel. The Shapers write fantastic “Mods” for us for our games and sometimes they have to come up with stories off the top of their heads because it’s well, Live Action, so if a character does something that wasn’t thought of, we go with it.

Underworld is the type of LARP I do. It’s a horror genre. When you are in the middle of the forest at night and a Shaper starts telling you theres a blood thirsty god coming out of a portal after you things get very scary. I hate horror movies but I have so much fun playing.

Another thing about Underworld is that we are all family. We look out for each other. Theres a couple people that turned up without knowing anyone at the game and now we are all good friends. Even me, I have yet to play as my character because well, work. I NPC (Non Player Character) a few games. So far, I was a spectry( big undead creature), a crazy villager  (I got stabbed in the end) and the latest was a Child of the Light.  We unleashed a god and then the god seared our eyes out of our heads and we attacked the villagers. IT WAS GREAT!!!

Yeah I got ahead of myself. Underworld is about 20 years old. There are many guilds around the world. The guild that my friends run is called Tempest Grove. Your first game is free and games start around 930pm on Friday and ends around 3ish on Sunday. You camp in the woods fighting demons and people. Best way to spend a weekend.

Anyone that is interested, Epic Armoury is a great place to buy anything for game. If you make anything there are people that check all gear and weapons at the game to make sure its game legal and safe. Because who wants to be hit with a wooden sword?

Let me know what you think? Any of you tried LARP before?

The boys limbering up before we attack the players. Liam is a shaper thats why he has a white headband on.

Keep smiling



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