Teaching the Littles

When I first told my mother I was going to start homeschooling Josh, her first reaction was ‘Why he is only 4?’

Well, it’s mostly because of me. I do not have a diagnosis for Josh, therefore, he might not have a TA when he does go to school in September 2017. I do not want him to be labeled a problem child but there are only so many resources I have access to. So by homeschooling him, I will try to get him ready for school. The most Josh can sit for is maybe 5 minutes before you have to keep calling him back to the table. He also has little to no writing skills.(he only recently started drawing circles unassisted)

Pinterest has been my life saver for my little endeavor. I can not begin to thank all the moms out there who decided to make blogs and vlogs about homeschooling. I have so many great ideas for Josh for the coming “school” year. I say that term lightly because our schooling is only about an hour a day. That’s as much as he can handle before I get a full blown tantrum going on. Hopefully, as the year progresses, he will be able to last longer.

Thanks to Passion Themed Life’s post, I was able to find an awesome momma, Raising Clovers. She has so many videos on her youtube channel and loads of resources on her blog. I was also able to connect with other homeschoolers thanks to my Instagram posts.

Josh loves to learn, we just have to get on his level and find the happy medium of play and work. So far, I only have been using one workbook. It is from the Brainquest series. This company does books and cue cards. It’s great.

Hopefully Josh and I will have a great last year here at home and that we will get to the bottom of what kind of delay/disability he has.(We are still waiting to go to the IWK, a children’s hospital)

So with that in mind Whimsies

Keep Smiling,



I am quite proud of my Homeschool board



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