“Just open the box”


I had a totally different post to write about today. However, life is all about change and well, here we are. I know I usually write on Monday’s and Friday’s, my brother came home and I made him have a rest in my room where my computer is. I could have used the app on my phone, I am just not good with adding links to my posts from the app.

Last night, when Iain picked me up from work, he told me there was a change of plans for today. This is a big deal in my family. Josh needs structure and I need to have his P.E.C.S all lined up. Also, Iain is Autistic so he needs structure too. I sucked up to my dad with a promise of a Tim Horton’s run if he watched Josh for an hour or two.

Iain and I went to the Grand Lake Road Fire Hall to hear a lady by the name of Janice Landry speak. She has many ‘hats’ that she wears, some being, Professor and reporter. Iain was looking forward to it which made me want to go even more.(He doesn’t sit still for too long) I am so glad we went. Not to mention I learned of a beautiful organization that I will get to later on.

So, Janice spoke about her late father and how he was a firefighter and how he got a Medal of Bravery. Not only did we learn that her father was the first firefighter awarded this medal in Halifax, but we also learned that Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada has the oldest fire service in Canada. How awesome is that. (this seminar has also taught me I really need to look into the history of my province more). Janice has written a couple of books on First Responders and those that surround them. How their jobs/tasks have them see things that really should not be seen. They see the lowest of human nature, come out (sometimes) and how their mental state is afterwards.

Enter in “Hero’s are Human“. This organization was started by a retired paramedic named Vincent Savoia. It raises awareness of the stress and mental health of first responders and their families and training in how to deal with the stress of our jobs. Some staggering statistics were giving of the amounts of suicides have occurred since 2014 of First Responders. Well over 100. Which is way too much.

As you all know, I am a huge advocate for mental health and this seminar has opened up a few doors for me. I now know of a couple of charities I would love to give my time to. I have a family member and a good friend with PTSD. I love First Responders, and now that I am one, the respect for them grows and grows.

If you do anything today, do this, when you see a first responder, thank them. It will guaranteed put a smile on their face.

Are any of you Whimsies First Responders or have family that are ones?


And always remember,

Keep Smiling

Rosanna Hay


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