Home of Our Hearts

Every year, around this time, Iain gets homesick and then we pack up the car and drive the Cabot Trail. The scenery is so majestic and grand. It looks just like Scotland, only we have more trees. We usually go all the way around and stop in at Cheticamp for something to eat before heading back to Sydney. Today, however, we decided to do something different. We went all the way to Meat Cove. Cape Breton’s Northern most community. It was heavenly. Sitting on the picnic table, looking out to sea, I could then understand why Capers call this “God’s Country”.

I know this blog post is short, I didn’t want to leave you all with out a tidbit for too long and I really wanted to promote this great island. The leaves are starting to turn already, which is altogether beautiful and worrying. I say worrying because it does not bode well for the Winter. I took a boat load of pictures (Iain got me a new memory card) and even though I am not the greatest photographer, I do hope a part of the love I feel for my home shines through to you.

I hope this interests you all to come to Cape Breton.

This is where we ate our lunch. Amazing food.

I will see you all on Friday with a brand new post
Keep Smiling Whimsies!

(PS: Iain’s quite upset we haven’t seen any moose yet)





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