Apps that keep you going

Hey Whimsies,

We all have those days where even writing things down just is not helping when it comes to health and fitness. So today, I thought I would share the apps I use for my wellness routine. So let’s get started.

Number one on my list is my Gosple Library app. Every morning while doing my morning routine I listen to audio scriptures. Right now I am doing the New Testament. This app has all of the standard works on it and magazines and conference talks. It is awesome.

  1. A lot of people keep track of their menstrual cycles in their bullet journals. I use P Tracker. So easy to use and it calculates my next start date which I love because I hate trying to do it.

  2. I posted about this next app before. Stop,Breathe and Think. It helps you in guided meditation. If you are anything like me and can not quiet your mind, this app is for you. You can even pick an emotion and it has a guided meditation for it.

4. Map My Fitness helps me track my workouts, like how far I walk or run. Theres a section for calorie in-take and for syncing with wearable technology. The thing I absolutely love is that when you add friends to it you can challenge them. Iain and I at first were doing step challenges. Who can do the most steps in a day and then week.

5. Couch to 5K– The only app I have ever purchased. There are 3 different coach selections you can have. I chose the drill sargeant. It is hillarious at first having this guy in your headphones yelling “RUN RUN”. You can upload playlists, sync to other fitness apps and track how many calories you are burning. You also get badges for completing a week.

6. Track Yoga– I am the most beginner of beginners in Yoga. That’s why this app is great. It has videos and you can click on what you are comfortable with. This app gives you badges as well. Love the rewards in apps.

7. 30 Day Fitness Challenge– This is my newest app I found for my #GetFitSeptember challenge with my husband. Theres a wide selection of workouts to do like squats and ab workouts. You get a little tick for completing one and you can even set reminders everyday.

8. My Fitness Pal– I use this to track my food. It let’s me know if I have too much sugar, or carbohydrates, syncs with wearable tech so it calculates calories lost in workouts and alo has daily reminders to log your food.

9. We Go– This is the brand of wearable tech I have. It was cheap ($50) so I got it. It does everything a fitbit monitors except heart rate.

I hope you enjoyed some of these and get to try them out. What apps do you use on a daily basis to keep you going? Let me know in the comments.

As always,

Keep Smiling

Rosanna Hay


5 thoughts on “Apps that keep you going

  1. explorelaughdream says:

    I love these thanks for sharing! I might try the 30 day fitness challenge. I have such a problem keeping myself motivated with working out.


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