September Challenge

Hello my dear Whimsies! I hope this post finds you all well. This is something I have been sitting on for a while now and thought what a great place to put it out there than my blog. As a sufferer of depression, self-care is very important to me. It allows me to unplug from the world and let me take care of myself. Just like my idea about the self care jar, this challenge will encompass the whole month. Once a day you will complete the challenge listed. Easy peesy.

So here we go (sorry for it not being all pretty and such)

September Self-Care Challenge #SelfLoveSeptember

  1. Have a hot drink outside
  2. warm bath(lots of bubbles)
  3. Pin some affirmations on your wall or workspace to help motivate you
  4. Meditate for 5 minutes. ( I use Stop, Breathe, Think)
  5. Go for a walk
  6. Do a random act of kindness
  7. Visit a friend
  8. Write a letter
  9. Bake (don’t forget to share)
  10. Write a bucket list (I have a thing for lists)
  11. Write a letter for your future self
  12. Do a “goal Mind-Map” ( Check out this video example of one)
  13. make a “what’s working for me list”
  14. Clean out your closet or dresser
  15. Paint your nails
  16. Write down a list of your blessings
  17. NO SOCIAL MEDIA ( could be a day could be an hour)
  18. Write a poem
  19. Take pictures of your neighborhood
  20. Volunteer in the community
  21. Try something new
  22. Change some furniture around (Feng Shui anyone?)
  23. Take an online class(loads of free ones out there)
  24. Buy yourself flowers
  25. Have a dance party (Joshua’s favorite part of the day)
  26. Try a new restaurant or cafe
  27. Jump in puddles (another fav of Joshua’s)
  28. Go for a hike
  29. Plan a dinner party
  30. Have a sleepover in the livingroom

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