3 Provinces, 1 Day


Well, It was that time again. Iain was getting bored at home and so we left on our own little adventure. Josh did great, until we got into the hotel, then he wanted to run from one end to the other. He didn’t go to sleep until 10:30!!! I also had loads of pictures to post but my phone decided to be mean and corrupt my SD card. I’m taking it into my friend’s parents business and hopefully they can help me out. Until then, stock photos and Google will have to suffice.

Our day started on Saturday at 4am! We packed our rental and were off by 4:45am. After a prayer of safety and fiddling with the GPS, it was an uneventful drive. We were scared we were not going to get a spot on the Prince Edward Island Ferry because it was leaving at 8am and we arrived at 73oish. The awesome thing about PEI is that you only pay to get off the island. Josh loved getting on the “big boat”. They had a children’s area and Josh made some friends and played with some blocks.


I forgot Iain took some photos. This is one 🙂

Prince Edward Island is so beautiful. Even just driving through to the Confederation Bridge, we still enjoyed it. The rolling hills, the red dirt, all the potatoes. They had these stands every once in a while that had bags of potatoes in them. It was  great. There were so many yard sales as well. The Confederation Bridge came next. It is how we chose to get off the Island. We figured, why pay $70 something when we could pay $40 something. The bridge is massive. I’m proud of it because my uncle was one of the iron workers that built it.


Then we finally entered New Brunswick. The last time we were in NB we didn’t really enjoy it. We only went because Iain (finally) got his Permanent Residence and so he had to leave Canada and re-enter. We got stuck in Moncton during a snowstorm. This time around was great. Josh loved seeing all the animals at the zoo.

Iain has some photos from the zoo but they are not the greatest. So the Magnetic Hill Zoo in Moncton was great. We arrived around 1pm and it was jam packed. The parking lots were so full people were making their own spots. The zoo has to contend with Magic Mountain, which also shares the same park and parking spaces. We seen a sign that said the zoo keeper will be doing a presentation on the tigers. The zoo has 3 month old baby tigers and we were able to see them. It was adorable. Their father was seperated in another cage and when he was given a snack he went on his hind legs and was over 11 feet high! The zoo is seperated by continent. They have Africa, Asia and the Americas. I got to see my first black panther and lion. The lion’s roar is super loud. Did you know a lion’s roar can be heard over 5 miles away. It kind of sounded like he had a hair ball.

After the zoo we went to check into our hotel before heading off to watch The Cape Breton Screaming Eagles rookies play a game against Charletown Islanders. We (CB) won 6-1. Can not wait for the hockey season to start.(neither can Josh). Not much else to report from the trip. The car we rented was an Encore and going through all three provinces and back only cost us $86 in fuel. It is now on our list of possible new cars after we get a new house. Our little Fiesta is quite small for Josh’s long legs.

So I will end with a couple pictures from the zoo and as always my Whimsies,

Keep Smiling,



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