We all need a little help

Today, my post is about a topic that until recently, has not been widely spoken about. It’s the big “D” word. Depression. I have suffered from depression and social-anxiety disorder since I was 19. I got help when I thought I was drowning. Some people don’t reach out and take the steps to getting help and that is when they find themselves unable to function throughout the day or in some instances, life itself.


There are many ways to get help. Step one is to talk to someone. There are so many organizations out there that are only a phone call away. There are so many negative connotations about depression that people are either embarrassed by it or too afraid to get help.

You will feel amazing when you get help. Like the world is lifted off your shoulders. For me, having a great husband to talk to and who understands what I need. Sometimes I just need a blanket fort and a litre of ice cream, others, I need to sit in a dark room and not to be bothered


What doctors recommend is to get out and exercise. Even if it is a little walk around the block. Fresh air is amazing as a pick me up.

My friend suffers from depression and what helped him the most was working out. He wanted to help others so he became a personal trainer. He and his partner do many programs to get people out and moving.

So, just to end here, not feeling yourself? Lost yourself?


Have any of you suffered or suffer from mental health? What do you do to keep calm in this raging world?

Keep smiling Whimsies, Keep Smiling

Rosanna Hay






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