Just Love Yourself

I wasn’t going to do another post until Monday. However, last night I was putting together a little challenge for September and thought of a little project. It’s a ‘Love yourself’ jar. It works just like a “swear” jar. When you are feeling down or negative, just take out one of the pieces of papers and smile, because you are loved and well, you.


I am by no means crafty in anyway. Now that fact does not stop me from trying. What I needed for supplies were:

  • Jar
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Tape (I only have Washi Tape)
  • Scissors

The first step was to write out some affirmations and some blessings.

(see,not crafty.)

I then cut them up and put in my jar. It is only small but I am proud of it. As someone who suffers from depression, I think this wee jar will help me loads.

I hope you all will join me in making this jar. If not, let me know what you do when you need that extra pick-me-up.

Until Monday my friends,

Keep Smiling

Rosanna Hay




6 thoughts on “Just Love Yourself

  1. Tamara says:

    I love this…. I did the same thing for rod after he was first diagnosed . Except I Google inspiration quotes. It really helped him alot for a little bit. I recommend for anyone.


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