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Hello my Lovelies! I hope your day was rocking. I have had a cough for a few months and so was awake all night. On a positive note, I was able to map out some blog topics for my next few posts.

Today what I want to share with you all are my favorite blogs. My go to peeps that help me get through this crazy world. So without further ado, enter The Bloggers.


  1. First and foremost will have to be Kara Benz over at Boho Berry. She is the first blogger I have ever followed and the one that got me into Bullet Journaling. Her posts are always uplifting and very informative. Everyday on Twitter she posts motivational quotes.



  1. Another blogger is Kacheri over at Passion Themed Life.  I fell in love with the colors she uses in her Traveler’s Notebook. She is a stay-at-home mom and she also homeschools her children. Most of her homeschool spreads are what I use to teach Josh. If you love art then this chick is for you.


  1. This is one rockin’ chick. This is my friend Tamara. She decided to do her own blog journey on Instagram and it is awesome. She blogs about life, fitness, has recipes it’s great. She also just became an ambassador to Dissident Gym Wear. Love scrolling through her pics. So click here to follow her.


  1. This is Shelby, she is amazing. She just quit her job to become a full time blogger and E-Book author. She is super talented. My grocery layout I thank Shelby for. Her blog has many helpful tips for school, health, and reading. Her e-mail list is awesome too. Check out Little Coffee Fox.


  1. This man is revolutionizing the way we as parents pack lunches for our littles. His bento box designs are awesome. I plan on using some of his ideas for Joshua’s lunches for school and outings. He was on many talk shows as well. Check out The Lunchbox Dad


That’s all I have for now. Keeping the rest for a later date so stay tuned and please like and follow these guys out, you will not be disappointed.

For now,

Keep Smiling

Rosanna Hay


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